Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Flying Eyes- Poison the Well 7” (H42 Records 027)

The Flying Eyes are back with a cool new 7”, with one new song and a Stooges cover. Poison the Well is a pretty awesome short track, under 3mins with a cool stoney psychedelic sound and pretty hypnotic to start and then the vocals kick in it becomes a bit more melodic and the main theme returns. The song sort of fades out and makes you feel like you were right in the middle, there had been no guitar solo or real break.. Quite strange. I guess there is a full length version… Flip the sucker over and get ready for 1969 by the Stooges. Now you get some guitar….. opening with a wah solo and in your face drums. Great cover version for sure.. Look forward to hear the bands next step..

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