Thursday, February 25, 2016

Stoned Jesus- Stormy Monday EP CD (Heavy Psych Sounds HSP033)

Stoned Jesus are from the Ukraine and this was a pretty rare CD-R only release by the band from 2011(I actually have it) that now has been released on vinyl and CD wallet format. Presumably it has an enhanced sound as well.  The same 4 tracks and the same cover artwork. It opens and closes with two different version of the track, Stormy Monday, which many of you might know from the Seven Thunders Roar album. It is a great track and you have a link below to hear the extended version (10mins). The first version is 4:40mins. The other two tracks are Bear Cave and Drunk and Horny (honest lyrics!). Bear Cave is a stripped down track with a slow guitar and vocal only followed by a spoken word section before the main heavy part kicks in. Quite emotional this track with a really spacey ending. Horny and Drunk, is rambunctious, as a song with lyrics and a title like that! You can hear the extended version of Stormy Monday below. If you are a big fan of the band then you will want to pick this up but if this is your first taste, I would go for another one of their full length records.  

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