Thursday, February 25, 2016

Banquet- Jupiter Rose (Heavy Psych Sounds HPS034)

I loved the Banquet 7” on the Who can you Trust label and was excited to hear this new full length record from this San Francisco band. The CD/LP contains 7 tracks of good hard rocking stuff staring off with Mastermind. High energy track with some great guitar soloing switching back and forth between each side. Awesome starter. Sword of Damocles is almost like a NWOBHW track. Run to You (on the 7” mentioned above) reminds me of Brutus and guys like Lecherous Gaze! Good foot stomping hard rocking with good dual guitar dynamics. Set me Free keeps the hard rocking groove going but it slows down with a lot of cool guitar solos some with some nice effects on them to change the sound up a bit.  It gets a bit doomy at the end.  Burning Bridges is a sort of heavy blues ballad to strart but builds up into something that reminds me of the Golden Void (Issiah’s from Earthless’s other bands). Great track.. Maybe the best on the record! Touching the Grave has some killer action and fans of Horizont will dig this track  as it is a hard rocking speed rocker (without the high pitched vocal!), which takes a bluesy slowed down twist til the end.  Lots of great harmony guitar all the time by this band. Jupiter Rose ends the record with a slow building ballad of sort. This is a really kick ass record. I got into every track.. Get it….

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