Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lightdreams- Islands in Space (Got kind of Lost Records GKL005)

This Canadian album was originally released in 1981 in an edition of 1000 copies. It tells a story of space travel and sci fi trips and travels. It was home recorded by Paul Marcano.  Psychedelic, experimental….  It has been remastered and is released on both a vinyl and CD edition with additional liner notes and information compared to the original release. The opening track, The High Frontier, has some great multilayers stuff with acoustic guitar leading the way and some backwards and highly panned sounds and later a nice lead solo. Cool track. Islands in Space is also acoustic guitar driven and reminded of stuff on the 1st HW record at the very beginning before the vocals kick in.  Another very cool and psychedelic track with a nice ambience. Voiceless Voice is over 7mins with very space keyboards and an astronaut like voice at times. Very floating. Other instruments eventually come in and out of the soundscape. Dreamy stuff.. Ride the Wind ends side A and is another acoustic guitar driven track. Lovely melodies on this one. Atmospheric Dreams opens side B and is the longest track at over 11 mins.  This track has a more spoken word and sung vocal and some nice electric guitar work as well. It is a long journey with a lot going on at different times. Good headphone stuff. Solar Winds is pretty trippy with a lot of synthesizier and sound manipulation at times (like the opening track). Farewell Goodbyes ends the album with another acoustic driven track. The spoken word reminds me a bit of King Missle! A very cool record…

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