Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Smash Fashion- Junkie Luck 7” (US 2016)

 If I read it right, Smash fashion features two of the members of the US band, Jellyfish. This is a band that has a lot of attitude and tries to recreate the feel of bands like Sweet and Slade. After listening to the Sir Admiral Cloudsley Shovell, this has such a clean digital production (good sound!) but so different. Junkie Love is for sure going for a mix of the 70s and 80s sound and is a pretty catchy track. See the official video below. The B-side features Long Blonde Animal, a cover of Golden Earring. This has a more hard hitting guitar riff not so slick but very groovy bass line that drives the track. I for sure dug the groove and feel of this one a big better than the A side.  The band will have a new studio album out also in 2016.

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