Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nicklas Sørensen Record Release Party- Main Library, Copenhagen Feb 19th, 2016

Nicklas is the guitar player in the Danish band Papir. He has just released his first solo record, entitled, Solo, on the El Paraiso Label, who also releases the Papir records. Nicklas has also recorded with the Electric Moon in a project called the Papermoon Sessions as well as played on and off with the Øresund Space Collective over the last 5 years.

There were about 60 people on this Friday evening. About 19, Nicklas picked up his guitar and played three tracks (see the video links below) for us.  It was pretty quiet except for the sound of people opening beer cans (there was free beer and soft drinks).  It was nice to see him play with doing a simple loop guitar and then play over the top using different effects pedals to modulate his sound. I think people enjoyed it..

He sold quite a few records and CD afterwards and signed a few as well. It was a nice evening! Congrats Nicklas.... Look forward to the next one!!

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