Sunday, August 26, 2012

Marulk- The Devil’s Boogie 10” (Lightning Records LIR006)

The Swedish band, Marulk are back with a new 4 track 10”. The tracks are short, straightforward blues rock and roll numbers. The title track opens the record and is a pretty catchy track but the mid section really let me down as it just goes back into the song and they don’t take it anywhere interesting. The next number Jumpsuit Elvis, although only 2½ mins long, is fantastic track. It is a really fast song a killer footstoping rhythm even though the riff is very basic. Nice cover artwork as well.. back to the Status Quo denim era for sure! Headless Rider has a slow AC/DC (think Down Payment Blues) like start but sadly does not develop into as killer track! How could they ? Blodsmak is back to some simple status quo meets AC/DC vibe and is all sung in Swedish. Pretty cool 10” but not as good as I had hoped. Must be played LOUD…. If they extend their songs live these track could really rock but unlike the current generation of Danish bands, who are really jamming, the Swedes seem to just play it straight and are either scared to experiment a bit or just can’t do it. Let’s see what the next year brings.. there are a few in Sweden like Siena Root that do improvisations but not bands like Witchcraft, Horizont, Graveyard….

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