Sunday, August 26, 2012

Green and Wood-Siren 7” (Cyclopean CYR010)

This is a fairly new 7” by the band, Green and Wood. It features two short tracks and a small insert with the lyrics and the list of the band members. I think the band is from the SF bay area. They have also released a full length record called Devil’s Plan. Light of Lune starts the A side. The band has a very low hi raw sound (it was recorded in a living room) with a powerful vocal and a slow doom heavy riff. The mid section has a melodic simple guitar line and solo, after which the track really picks up pace before returning to the way it started. Cool lyrics. Siren is slower and has a massive low end compared to the other track, so be careful with your bass level. Siren has this sort of gallop rhythm after the start. The vocal is more laid back and the song finished pretty fasted as he is singing nearly the entire track. No solo or mid section break. Interesting band.. I need to hear some more…

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  1. They have 2 full lengths to date and are working on the next. Both excellent albums. The first and self titled is more akin to Black sabbath worshipping. The second, 'Devil's Plan' expands on that. It's not so much more Sabbath-esq music but an extension of it with some pretty interesting things in the mix. Yo can stream the whole thing on Bandcamp. Well worth the purchase for both albums!