Sunday, November 28, 2010

Farflung- Live at Roadburn (Meteorcity)

I was at this show and have enjoyed hearing the Roadburn stream so it was great to hear this was coming out on double vinyl. The vinyl records are very cool colors but very thin (120gm?) vinyl but the sound is good. This is a low budget release but the band played an amazing set of tracks with something from nearly everyone one of their many records. I was a little disappointed that this was just a higher quality audio mix of the streamed audio, as while that did have really great sound, the main lead guitar player is mixed way too low for the entire concert and also here. I was hoping that would be different for the official release. Anyway, the highlights for me of this amazing 73 min set are the versions of Silver Shrooms, Landing on Cydonia and the very powerful Unborn Planet. It is all really heavy punky in your face psychedelic space rock though. Farflung are a very cool band and I am glad that they released this set. Well worth hunting down!

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