Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grand Magnus and the II- Amorphopallus (Ghost Drome 027)

Grand Magnus is a new Copenhagen all improvised psychedelic band. This is their 2nd CD-R release, I believe. The label specializes in limited edition and quite strange releases, this being one of them. The CD is 5 tracks of weirdness about 63 minutes. The first and title track is just a lot of strange radio stuff mixed with other samples to start and lasts 32 minutes. Interesting collage? I’m not sure. Strange..Yes.. I don’t think most people will want to sit through this more than once. Anyway, the three piece band, kicks in for a jam around 9 mins with mainly the bass and drums, while the guitar player tries to find his way and plays some trumpet or sax. The jam is pretty boring until 25 mins or so when it is getting a bit more strange with the guitar player. The drummer and bass player really keep the driving rhythm going but I don’t think what the guitar player is doing is very interesting. Bladene hilste p hinanden is 11 mins and starts very slowly and quietly with just bass and guitar bouncing some things back and forth a bit as the guitar line becomes more melodic and interesting. The bass and guitar are a bit out of touch with each other and you can now hear some hand drums coming in as well. He eventually puts down the guitar and starts to play trumpet and then he disappears completely (had to go take a leak??). Det her er dig is next and around 12 mins with some more intense hand drumming and some guitar feedback to start. The jam is quite strange and then there is some saxophone or clarinet at the last few minutes. The next track with a long Danish title is mostly a drum solo until the end, when the others come back in. Anyway, this is very improvised and experimental. I have CD-R #14 out of 50 (I think). I am not sure they could sell many more. I described it so you have to decide for yourself if you like it.

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