Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wino- Adrift (Exile on Mainstream EOM50V)

Wino (The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, St. Vitus to name a few) has released his 3rd solo record, if you could Live at Roadburn as well. This is a very intimate record of mostly just Wino and an acoustic guitar. He occasionally plays some electric lead as well. The vinyl edition is fantastic with great embossed artwork and it also comes with the CD booklet all the lyrics, including details of his thoughts about the specific song before the lyrics and information about the album. The album starts with the title track, which is just an acoustic song and reveals the personal nature of the record. A good friend of Wino’s, Ray Tilkens, plays lead guitar on 3 tracks and is panned to the right. The side A ends with an excellent acoustic version of the Motorhead song, Iron Horse. Side B starts with an instrumental track called Suzane’s Song. He plays some very nice acoustic guitar. D-Bear is dedicated to Scott Kelly of Neurosis-Shrinebuilder. Whatever has some powerful lyrics about his children, of which it seems he is in a fight to get the right to see, which sucks. Shot in the Head, an old Savoy Brown track is next and features Ray on slide guitar. O.B.E. is a spacey instrumental electric guitar track with some very cool mixing of the guitar. Green Speed with excellent lyrics ends this great record and features duelling electric solos by Wino and Ray. Great work Scott (Wino).

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