Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Radiohead- On Track- Every Album, Every Song by William Allen (SonicBond Publishing)

Sonic Bond sent this one without asking as they did with the ELO and I do not own any Radiohead albums at all.  I know they are known for being a sort of ground breaking pop art band for doing more experimental things and mixes but whenever I have heard their music it never excited me in anyway… just too mainstream.  6 number one UK albums so one must be impressed!  Anyway, William Allen is for sure an expert and the amount of detail gathered in this book is mightily impressive. IT is a bit longer at 180 pages than most of these Every Album books.  The end part with Rare Tracks, Unreleased songs, DVDs, and solo albums takes up the last 30 pages and is what real huge fans might find the most interesting actually.  I read the entire introduction about how the band met, etc.. but this is probably not that new of information for the real indepth fans… 

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