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Liverpool Psych Festival 2022

April 16th

We all met for the soundcheck at around 10. The staff and stage hands were not at all prepared with stuff and we basically had to find and set up all the backline ourselves and find keyboard stands, etc..  In the end it seem to go pretty ok with the way we had set things up. Omar was not there but we did the rest. First band was on at 14.  I went back to the hotel about 1230 so Sue and I could have lunch. We missed the first band, Vert:X.  Pity, as I quite like some of their stuff.  I only saw bits and pieces of bands all day as I need to rest my ears and it was pretty loud, like 102db.  Watched most of the Silas and Saski, a very enjoyable set. There were still not that many people in the venue yet. They replaced Snakes don´t belong in Alaska. 

Next I went upstairs.  The sound was pretty awful upstairs where the smaller bands played. I saw a bit of Amon Acid (below) and that was pretty cool. I like the way the guitar player used a lot of effects and also triggered sounds. Huge high ceilings and just so boomy. Not a clear sound at all. Best to stand up front as it sounded awful everywhere else.  

Amon Acid (I think)
The main stage was cool and you had a great view of the band from just about anywhere but the sound was a bit bass heavy in the back as you got under the balcony.  Sadly this was a psych festival with nothing psychedelic about it. No projections, no cool lights, no interesting art or backdrops on the walls, just nothing special about it.  

Sendelica played a solid set but sort of what you expect once you have seen them as a trio. I like their records a lot more as there are synths, sax, violin, lots more going on. As a trio, it is long instrumental stuff, nicely played but a bit too much the same. 


Part Chimp were a very intense psych band and never let up for 50mins or so...

Part Chimp

Sendelica got off early and the very intense band, Part Chimp, also finished early so we are able to be a bit more relaxed setting up to play and could start 15mins early. Omar was no where to be found so we were mostly ready to go and no one could still find him. Anyway, took him 5 mins to set up…  IT was a strange concert as our guitar player Daniel, made himself the entire focus of the concert. IT was like a mini Daniel Lars trio (with him, Omar and our drummer Tim) in their own bubble while the rest of us (Vince, Par and myself) had to just sort of try to fit in where we could. It was strange but Tim and Omar were laying down the monster grooves and Daniel was quite the showman and really entertained the audience with his wild Steve Vai like quite acrobatics. I think we played about 100mins and had a great response from the audience and also the organiser who was very happy with our performance. Listening back to the recording, we all played our part and did well. 

OSC Foto by D. Croll. Thanks.. 

April 17th

My daughters birthday today… I wish I could have spent it with her. 

I was really tired as we did not get to bed until 2 in the morning and still feeling a lot of adrenaline from the gig.  Anyway, I really wanted to see Vince´s band, Sonic Trip Project and they were so good. I think it was the best band of the festival.  

Sonic Trip Project

I saw a bit of the Telephones. 60s psych with two guitar players both playing electric 12 strings.  Nice good songs but nothing that original. People were really enjoying it. THey really could have used some nice visuals, as all the bands. They had fun, you could tell. 

Telephones singer-guitarist

I saw a couple of songs by Road Trip a duo of guitar and synthesizers (a bit new age like with lots of pad stuff). The guitar player was really good and had a nice voice.  Not a lot of people upstairs to watch though. 

Sail, were a very interesting band from Somerset. It was a kind of Indie rock vibe but then they got really noisy like sonic youth and sometimes some really heavy riffs and some intense guitar solos.  Bass player could have been in Wham or something.  I saw 3 songs. 

Codex Serfini were very similar to the Swedish band, Goat but with saxophone  All in red robes, face masks, female vocalist facing to the back of the stage, harsh voice with lots of effects…. some intense music but too much the same for me. Not enough variety. Female drummer could really pound! 

Madmess from Portugal were really good. They are kind of like the PT version of Earthless. All instrumental long fast guitar solos but also lots of cool riff parts and powerful drums and bass. I saw their entire concert. Cool stuff..

Codex Serafini

Madmess Guitarist

Helicon from Scotland was the last band we saw. They had some great hypnotic songs (last song was the best) and the keyboard player used the sitar on at least 3 songs, during one the soundman was sitting down having a rest and did not see he had switched so he played for at least 1-2mins before you could hear the sitar, which he sort of twanged about on, not a real sitar player.  I enjoyed them though. Cool band. 


I was pretty wiped out and really wanted to see Electric Moon. I spoke to the drummer (Pablo) quite a bit and he is such a nice guy. Said hi to Lulu. She looked well. Anyway, I heard they were ok. Our friend Susan said they were boring and Daniel said it was pretty good. Glad to hear they still do ok.. It was a cool festival but needed some visuals and also to pay the bands. 6 weeks later, still no money.. Not very good.... 

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