Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Electric Light Orchestra- On Track- Every Album, Every Song by Barry Delve (SonicBond Publishing)

I have never really liked ELO . a bit too commercial for my tastes… The Move, which was the band that ELO grew out of was pretty cool though.  The author was very passionate about this band and clearly knows a lot about them.  The details on a lot of the tracks is extremely impressive. No doubt this was a hugely influential band mixing classical music and pop in a very unique way and how this all emerged from the early bands and into the making of ELO is very well presented. I finally managed to finish this book and the author is clearly a real expert and knows every last detail about the bands recordings and outtakes. The most interesting parts of the book for me was the information leading up to the albums and what was going on with the band rather than all the exact track to track details, being that I do not know hardly any of their music.. 

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