Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Der Blutharsch with the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand- Dream your Life Away (Klang Onstage)

This is a live album recorded on Oct 13th, 2021 and features 7 tracks, and might be all new material as I checked the last few CDs I had from the band and none of these tracks are on any of those. The opening track reminds of Codex Serafini or Goat, dark gothic rock, moody. Wish I weren´t Here features a female spoken word over some edgy psychedelic atmospheres with some flourishes of synths and sounds and psyched out stuff. Cool….  Chant is a repetitive rock track with a catchy riff. A bit hypnotic…..Land of Free is a bit more rocking and very steady until it is not and takes off with a wild guitar solo and gets psyched out.. O Lord is a spacey instrumental. Wish the synths were mixed a bit higher though…. Today I want to Catch Clouds has a very intense groove, catchy…… good energy over which the bands play some spaced out sounds and hard riffs. A bit space rock like..  The album ends with the title track..  A slower and more moody track to start but a good one to end this excellent live document and perhaps the last with Albin..  I am not sure who is in the band but there are two guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and female voice. 

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