Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Da Captain Trips- Maths of the Elements (Bloodrock Records BRRCD052)

DCT is an melodic spacey, proggy, instrumental Italian band. This is their 7th album. I only own the first one but have heard some of their other albums on the internet. This CD features 6 tracks that make up the vinyl edition and one bonus CD track. The opening number Rivers, Water and Earth Stream is a slow mellow floating track with some beautiful keys and guitar. At about 3mins the track rises in intensity with drums and bass playing a more prominent role in the track now, while the mellotron or organ is still most dominant.. Very nice track..Deserts Earth and Air Carve follows in much the same feeling but the synth sound is very different than the first track. Keyboard still dominant though. Later on the guitar gets to be more of the highlight. Mountains Fire and Earth Sculpt flows directly out of track 2 with some spacey synths and there are some more heavy guitar riffs later in the track and some soloing but this is more about the vibe of the entire track, then the solos. Clouds Water and Fire Shape raises the temp and mysterious element and is more groovy with a great bass line and some hand drums. So far this is my fave track. The synths are more experimental and not so straightforward. Very cool song..  The next one, Oceans Air and Water Form reminds me a lot of My Sleeping Karma if you took the keys away.. It also features the most energetic guitar solo so far on the record.  I really like the build of the album by this point with only one last track, Skies Fire and Art Set. I really like the build of the album by this point with only one last track, Skies Fire and Art Set. This track is a bit more laid back but more uptempo that the start of the record but a nice way to finish things. The bonus track is called Crystal. The bonus track is called Crystal and the shortest on the album with mainly just guitar and keyboards. A cool relaxing late night or Sunday morning start the day type album…  Very nicely played and executed…  I look forward to meet and see the guys at Kozfest this summer..

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