Saturday, October 3, 2020

Yoshiwara Issue 2 (2020)

The Yoshiwara Collective is a group of folks from Belfast that put out this magazine (100 pages- black and white and colour) as well as release music via Pariah Child, arranges shows and other activities.  It has been a tough time the last few years so this issue has been delayed and delayed and while there are some current interviews, the vast majority of the magazine is interviews between 2016-2018 including some really great bands. I learned quite a lot as they ask really unique and deep questions to the artists.  The featured artists are: Deep Space Destructors, Space Debris, Primitive Knot, First Contact, Weltraum, Carlton Melton, Letters from Utrecht, Roslyn Steer, Zhrine, First Contact, Øresund Space Collective and two label articles with Sloow Tapes and Cryo Chamber.  300 printed copies. 

You can pick up a copy at:

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