Monday, October 19, 2020

Lush Worker- Cruise-Uplift-Hb!C MKII (Cruel Nature Records)

This is another Mike Vest project that I have never heard.  The first release under this name was in 2015. This release is a compilation of tracks. Cruise is a 28min track that is primarily droned out spaced out guitar that sort of reverberates, like some of what he plays in Bong at times but with no drums or bass. There is a deep bass or maybe it comes from the guitar that you can feel at times.  Uplift is next and features 5 tracks ranging from 4 to 10mins in length. The sound level and production is a bit different from Cruise and this music is a bit more multi-layered. MK II is again 2 long excursions 20 and 29 mins in length. I have to say, I liked some of this more than Ozo, which is very intense. There is a really cool spacey vibe to this music.  Pretty cool….  Released on a cassette on 50 copies.  Also digital, I guess.. 

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