Saturday, October 3, 2020

Oulu Space Jam Collective- Harvest Sage (Adansonia Records AR037)

I love this group. They are sort of a kindred spirit to my own band, Øresund Space Collective and certainly an inspiration for these guys.  Anyway, these guys from the North of Finland have been blazing their own psychedelic space rock path for some years now. This is only their 2nd vinyl release but there are more than 30 other digital releases on their bandcamp site.  The original session from 2017 was 150mins long but the band have chosen just two of the pieces to present here. It is 2 long pieces split over 4 album sides.  It is pretty laid back and organ heavy spaced out music, with only side 4 really rocking a bit more and with some sitar thrown in the mix. I enjoyed this trip very much and it was perfect music to start the day, each day for a few days. Awesome… if you like floating, evolving spaced out music, this is hard to beat.


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