Monday, October 19, 2020

Bismut- Retrocausality (Lay Bare Recording LBR031)

  • The Dutch band, Bismut are back with the 2nd full length excursion.  This album is more jammed out with each side just one long track. IT was all recorded in Feb 2020.  I had become friends with these guys when we did some gigs together in Oct 2019 with Black Moon Circle. I played on the last song with them at a couple of shows. It was cool..  It was good to hear some new material back then.  Anyway, the opening track has a bit of doom to it but also a metallic guitar sound. They riff and flow and groove and go.  You just get sucked in over time.  The mid section there are a lot of spaced out guitar effects pedals going wild but the groove and intensity is maintained. The track ends in a very doomy fashion.   The next track Non, starts off really fast with some really intense bass and drums and a killer guitar riff. 

Flip the record over and side B starts with a shorter number that starts slowly and quickens into a rapid rocker. Predvidanie has a mean riff but comes down after 1-2 minutes into a slower pace and more moody. This track has a guitar solo which has so far been rare on this record. It was short and after some effects it is back into the heavy riffing style that makes Bismut! What a killer groove that develops at the end of this track. I can just see the audience banging away!!  Side 3 is one long track called Varasaga. IT starts slowly with just bass and drums and a bit of a mysterious feel to the mood.  This slowly builds up a longer lead guitar section matched with some intense bass lines, while Peter keeps the drums steady.  The riff switches to almost a thrash metal like riff but it ends in a heavy doomy way.  Side 4 features two tracks staring with Vergangenheit. This one is a mind blower with the most intense psyched out sounds of the record and also riffing. Wow….  This is like instrumental SLAYER!!!!  The closing track is a space out with wild sounds and noises..  If you like instrumental heavy metal, you will find it hard to find a better band playing it. Wow..

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