Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Automaton- Talos (Sound Effect Records)

Automaton is a psychedelic doom band from Athens. I have played with the band a couple of times and it is a great and unique band in his genre.  Talos is an ancient Greek (Island of Crete) story that is used as a basis for the telling of this record (even though the vocals are mostly unintelligible but powerful!).  Trapped in Darkness starts things off and is a great 11min track (I made some synthesizers on an early mix of this). Starts with a bass and then the guitars come in as the dark mood is set and the track builds up. The guitar sounds and dynamics as well as he cool use of bass effects creates a great sound before the super intense vocal kicks in they have set a heavy tone. There are lots of interesting changes over the 11 mins. Great opener. Giant of Steel has a sampled voice at the start as it slowly builds with another sort of hanging, slow building guitar line that keeps the track mysterious and a little spacey. The drums have a bit of reverb on them at the start as well making it all about more spacious in sound. The sample runs through a lot of the track.  I like the mood on this one a lot until the vocal part at the end, which is quite disturbing. Very spacey overall.  Automaton Marching is a shorter 4min track and a bit faster and quite intense drumming and notes that just hang in the air with a eerie feel to the music as you expect to be attacked and murdered with a hammer but it never quite comes as the track ends with just the drums. Talos Awakens (nearly 10mins) is another of my fave tracks on the record with an almost piano like quality to the main guitar line. Apparently the vocal is in Greek. This track features a violin as well at the start but then becomes a traditional Automaton track as it goes up and down in mood but slowly gets more and more intense. I miss a killer guitar solo part but otherwise, amazing track. The Punisher, as the title says is the most brutal vocally and musically. YOB or Neurosis like. Some really interesting guitar parts as well. Submerged Again has some of my favourite guitar work on it as it is very spacey and emotional. The Epilogue finishes the record with some nice acoustic guitar. Great record.. Congrats my friends…


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