Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Nick Nicely- All along the Watchtower 7” (Fruits de Mer WINKLE 35)

If you are going to take on such a classic track like All along the Watchtower, you better prepare yourself to kick some ass as the bar has been set pretty high by Jimi and Frank Marino for most amazing versions of this classic Dylan song or you just have to do what Nick did and totally deconstruct the track into something totally different. Wow..  Absolutely unique version of this song. Many might not like it but you can’t deny he did something totally new with the classic track.  Impressed.  The Doors of Perception is a Nick original that you can hear below. It is pretty low fi and trippy with a reverberating guitar, effected vocal at times and distant drums. You just sort of float along with this track and the choir like vocals really give it a special feel. Interesting. 

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