Friday, August 31, 2018

Prisma Circus- MKII (World in Sound WIS-3033)

Prisma Circus is a trio from Barcelona, Spain that have made some pretty cool blues rock stuff in the past. I was surprised how much the band has cranked this one up a notch with by far the most hard hitting and wild guitar solos than ever before. The songs are sun in a mixture of English for some and Spanish for others. Promethea’s Armageddon starts things off with a fast intro before settling down for the vocal section. There is some really intense interplay between the guys, that reminds me a bit of Radio Moscow. Lots of interesting changes and great wah guitar work. El Blues del Matusser is another hard rocking blues track with some organ thrown in here and there as the band just rock out but with this great bluesy groove and bass line. El Loco y El Mago slows things down a bit and is an instrumental track, also with organ. The focus is on the great guitar playing though. Fake Coral Snake starts off with a crazy phased, panned guitar like guit war by Frank Marino but only last 1min before the band just kicks in hard and heavy. Cool track. The Obselete Man, again reminds me of Radio Moscow but with much darker lyrics. Actually, the lyrics are quite “heavy” and deal with dark subjects. I love the bass and lead guitar interaction on this fast pace rocker. Preludio" is the name of the prelude in acoustic guitar of "El guia de la Santa Compaña" and both together build a whole piece of music. This is another fast paced number but with a nice melodic thread in the guitar.Los pasos del Coloso is the last song on the record with a more relaxed vibe and some nice organ complimenting. Nice way to close this record. Overall, a very strong record and fans of Radio Moscow should check this one out.

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