Friday, August 31, 2018

Necro- Adiante (Electric Magic Records EMLP11)

Necro is a rock band from Maceió, Brazil and featuring Lillian Lessa on bass, guitar, voice, Pedro Salvador on guitar, bass, voice, and Thiago Alef on drums and percussion. The band has been around since 2016 but this is their first international release. It was released in Brazil in December 2016.  Orbes kicks things off with a hard rock riff and the female lead vocal. There are some nice changes in this track with an acoustic guitar section and a more dreamy vocal with some delay on it which gives it a nice psychedelic edge. Interesting to hear rock music sung in Portuguese! Adiante features some nice slide guitar and is mainly a vocal oriented track until the 3rd minute and then the band heads in a new direction and it rocks out! Azul Profundo creates a bit more tension as the band shows a further progression in their sound on this long 7min track. This track has some complimenting organ on it, which is a nice change up. Great skat vocal that jams along with the guitar and organ in the jam part. Viajor has a very catchy guitar riff and some nice vocals and reminds me of someone but I can’t just quite place it. Great rocking track. Entropia keeps the energy level up and that sort of occult rock vibe is present but with the bands own unique twist. Love the direction the song takes at 1.5mins even if only for a brief break. Excellent track. Espelhos e Sombras features Pedro briefly on a lead vocal toward the middle end of this track, which is one of the more complex on the album and also features some organ. Deuses Suicidas closes out the album and features Pedro starting off the vocals on this one.  Another nice catchy riff for this jamming track.  A pretty cool band with a lot of great songs and dynamics. Sometimes they remind me a bit of Siena Root! Check them out. Pressed on vinyl in only 300 copies.

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