Friday, August 3, 2018

Melody Fields- Melody Fields (Kommun2; K2-44; Sound Effect Records SERC047)

Melody Fields is a new Gothenburg, Sweden area based band. The band is 5 main members but there are also 5 guests adding to the sonice stew. The promo bio describes the band as shoegazing pop meets Swedish counterculture psychedelia. I have to say I don’t like this description at all. Anyway, the album is released in 3 colours and also on CD (with a bonus track, a simple reprise of the opening track).  Morning Sun is a brilliant track (see video below) and reminds me Assemblehead of sunburst sound a bit. It has a bit of mystic eastern sound with some cool percussion sounds mixed into the song. The harmony vocals are excellent and this track has a long saxophone solo as the main solo. The track ends as a drone after a bit more than 4 mins. Liberty is a bit more dreamy and happy. Octopus Syng has written some tracks a lot like this one. Run has a more 60s fuzzed out guitar and harder riff to start off and then the dreamy vocal and melodic elements similar to the other songs reappear for the vocal sections. This is a very beautiful track. Rain Man starts with some reverberating guitars before the band and gets into its groove. Some very nice psychedelic effected guitars on this. Fire, this is the best track on the album and I just get transported away. My wife also loves this one. Amazing song. Trädränsen (the Tree Line) is the longest track and most experimental on the record and it starts slowly and mysterious in nature but a sense of beauty and wonder also comes across as it slowly takes form into a great psychedelic rock track. Morning Sun (revisited) ends this great record and one that I have heard the most the last few months.

This is music that just makes you feel happy and is great on a spring or summer day. The band uses a lot of the same type of vocals and melodies on many of the tracks so sometimes they sound a bit a like. Crank it up and smile!

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