Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Kingston Wall- Live at Tavastia (Svart Records)

Kingston Wall is my favorite Finnish band of all time. It was a short lived band but thanks to Jukka (the bass player) and Svart, we have had a steady stream of cool music released the past years. This is no exception. This is a 3LP in a strange cardboard sort of box with a load of cool stuff in Finnish. Concert posters, flyers, post cards with autographs (not originals as Petri is dead), and other stuff.  The concert was the release party on Oct 1st, 1994 for the Trilogy album.  What an amazing energy they had at this show. I was a bit surprised that it was not a soundboard and was sourced from an audience recording (almost sounds like a video camera with a stereo microphone). The quality is a bit rough to start but gets better. I know Jukka said he had DAT recordings of like 50 of their shows when I did an interview with him. Anyway, this is a great document of the 3rd album tour and the band are on fire. An awesome selection of tracks from all their albums. If you have the 5LP live box, nearly everything on this show is also in that box but sourced from different shows. Below you can check out a gig from the same tour..

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