Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Captain Beyond- Lost and Found 1972-1973 (Cleopatra Records CLO0544)

Wow… That is what I have to say. Wow..  The 1st captain beyond record is an all time classic and this is a great find. The A side of the album opens with the totally unreleased and cool song called Uranus from the first recording sessions. Great song (listen below). Then you have the 20min suite, which made up bands first demo, in a more raw in your face version. Side B starts with Icarus which appeared on the 3rd album but this is the demo version with Rod Evans on vocals! Then you have a more raw and aggressive version of Raging River of Fear that includes a slide solo no on the original version. The LP ends with Dancing Madly backwards..  This is great stuff. The LP has a nice printed inner sleeve with the whole story and a lot of old pictures of the band and you get a card with the number of your LP. Limited to 1000 copies on vinyl but also available on CD.

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