Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Zappa plays Zappa- Amager Bio, Copenhagen Oct 26th, 2015

This was the 5th time ZPZ has played Copenhagen and the 4th time I have seen them. It has always been an amazing concert experience, about as close to seeing the real Frank Zappa band itself. These young players are so great and Dweezil has developed into a stunning guitar player.  

            Magnus and his friend Jesper came over to my place and we had one quick beer before heading over to the venue.  We had one more outside but it was getting close to 20 so we headed in. I did not have an advance ticket but a guy sold me one for 300. IT would have been 350 at the door… 

            Just as we could get into the concert hall (it was very packed and nearly sold out), they started the Star Wars intro and then into Inca Roads! The keyboard player played all the xylophone parts from Ruth Underwood on his Kronos keyboard.  Sheila, the female vocalist, sax, flute and keyboard player also had a Korg Kronos. Dweezil was very warmed up and played an amazing solo during Po Jama People and the crowd was having fun on this one as well. I always loved Florentine Pogen and some of the solos Frank would do on this one as well. Dwezzil did not disappoint! People enjoyed San Ber’dino a lot and Dweezil had a bit of audience participation with Sofa No2.. That was the complete One Size fits all record in the first hour.

Next, the first two songs of the 2nd set, were some of the best playing of the entire concert with Black Napkins and the Grand Wazoo. Wow… I was pretty blown away. Then they played some more fun tracks like Baby Snakes, I’m so Cure before Cosmik Debris, which lead into the band becoming just a three piece and really having some great jams. I loved this part of the show. Magnus agreed it was really cool. The ended the show with The Evil Prince from Thing Fish, which was a real rare track..

The first encore was an amazing track that I had never heard before called Imaginary Diseases. Dweezil said this was a song that his dad only played on one tour in the 70s and never recorded in the studio. It was released on a CD a few years back of the same title. Awesome song. Dancin’ Fool was fun. Dweezil let it rip on the guitar on both Zomby Woof and Muffin Man, which closed the show.  Amazing 2 hr and 30min show..

Set List: Star Wars intro, Inca Roads, Can’t afford no Shoes, Sofa No 1, Po-Jama People, Florentine Pogen, Evelyn-A modified Dog, San Ber’dino, Andy, Sofa No. 2
(that was the complete One Size Fits all Record)

Black Napkins, The Grand Wazoo, Baby Snakes, I’m so Cute, Magic Fingers, Cosmik Debris, drum solo, Apostrophe, The Evil Prince,

Encores: Imaginary Diseases, Dancin’ Fool, Zomby Woof, Muffin Man (not on set list)

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