Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pyramidal/Domo- Jams from the Sun Split LP (Lay Bare Recordings LBR008)

The Spanish bands are back with a very beautiful new split LP. Both bands hail from Alicante in Spain and the guitar player from Pyramidal is also the bass player in Domo..  Pyramidal starts thing off on side A with The Siren. IT starts very slow and spacey with the focus on the keyboards and bass line.  Slowly the female voice saxophone (they don’t normally have this) layers into the sound as the repetitive guitar line is played over and over. Half way through the track really starts to build up with more guitar and get more heavy and psychedelic. Love the way the sitar is mixed in. Great track! Motormind speeds things up with its hypnotic space groove as the whole band just really flies on this one. You find yourself really shaking your head as it buildsup. Another cool track and it really spaces out at the end with some samples from the Americans in space….  Flip the record over and you get 3 shorter tracks from Domo. Viajero del Cosmos starts things off with a really heavy stoner guitar riff and straight into some great guitar solos from both Pablo and Samuel. I love the groove on this one. Mantrastral starts off slow and slowy grows with both guitar players playing really nice melodic lead lines, some acoustic guitar and synths are also mixed in. Beautiful track. The last track is Uróboros. This is a quite dark track with a little sitar twang played here and there and what sounds like a horn but it is perhaps keyboards since no one is listed as playing that. Spaced out and more experimental in nature. A great split LP..  Only made in 300 copies. The coloured vinyl edition is already sold out.

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