Saturday, October 10, 2015

Old Man Lizard- Old Man Lizard (Heavy Psych Sounds HPS028)

OML is a pretty new group from Suffolk, England. They have a previous EP and split 7” out. The band is a trio. Jack, the guitarist, also sings (sort of) the lead vocals with some backing from the others. The music is heavy but with a clean guitar sound (not doom or metal), angry, abrasive sort of rock music. The lyrics are very dark, about death, killing, people having a fucking tough life, etc. and the lyrics are laid out in a powerful, angry delivery. Cold Winter Blues starts things off and gives you a feel for the rest of the record, although this track is a bit more melodic than others.  The vocal is mixed quite low so it is hard to tell what he is yells about but you have the lyrics in the CD digipack (and I guess the LP). King Clone does not have as many lyrics and is a bit harder hitting.  Fawza Falih has a quite cool groove over which the nasty vocal is delivered. Lots of heavy riffing.  El Doctor has a bit of a Spanish inspiration in the guitar and is mostly instrumental and a bit more melodic towards the end. Old Hag is quite intense to start and then gets quite laid back. The guys play really well together as a unit. Craniopagus Parastiticus starts a bit more slow and bluesy. A Gruesome Mess ends this album and tells a nasty story in the last tale from this record.. This is really intense stuff at times and I have to say not really my taste. There are no real guitar solos, just heavy, depressive angry riff music with a lot of dynamics. IT is actually not all that fast.  A lot of people will dig this though. The promo info compares then to Sleep, Kyuss and Mastadon but I don’t hear any of that in the music. Check it out for yourself. 

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