Saturday, June 13, 2015

Space Probe Taurus- Mondo Satan (Ripple Music RIPCD032

Space Probe Taurus is a band I have known for many years. Mr Sjöberg and I have traded some music and demos since the band basically started. This is a band that has not produced a lot of “real” records but has continued and survived despite the negative evolution of the music world.  This CD features 10 short new fuzzed out rockers. Scorpio Queen starts things off  and a uptempo rocker kicks in with a definite Monster Magnet feel and a low fi sound. Hey Hey hey chorus and all and in 3 mins the track is over. Kill City Death Cult (sounds like a movie soundtrack!) has a sample from the movie. This song sounds nearly identical to the first one and even includes a few hey heys as well and is nearly the same formula as the first and burns the grooves in 3mins. Spahn Ranch Motherfucker keeps the speed high and the film inspired lyrics intact. Make me Bleed is a more melodic track and has a slightly longer guitar solo. Galaxy Travelin’ Blues is the 2nd longest track at 41/2 mins long. This is the 5th track now and the pace has be quite fast for every song and no chance of a slow one here either. So far not a lot to distinguish the tracks from one another. This one they exchange the hey hey with yeah yeah and keep it catchy. Superfuzzed hits the gain as the band speeds up and a bit of revolution, baby! Powerful stuff.. This album needs to be played LOUD! Mondo Satan has some pretty cool lyrics and more background vocals than most of the other songs and a few short guitar solos tossed in as well. The Iguana is one of my favourite tracks on the CD and really catchy and a great riff and groove. The CD ends with nearly 6 min The Righteous One and it is slightly slower and more groovy. This is an album that is cool when you crank it up and let the 30mins or so just blast you away.. Not a lot of variety but cool fuzzed out biker rock…

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