Saturday, June 13, 2015

Drive by Wire- The Whole Shebang (My First Sonny Weissmuller Recordings AHOEA7575)

This is a really cool Dutch band four piece band lead by guitar player and lead singer, Simone. The CD is the bands third release and features 11 songs in about 40mins. The CD starts off with Kerosine Dreams which has a catchy and hypnotic groove at times. The band is a sort of mix between groovy stoner rock, Alice in Chains and sometimes Acid King. Woodlands has a vocal much like Lori of Acid King but the music is not so down tuned but still slow, and stoned and a bit spacey. A lot of good riffs and grooves but no lead guitar on these tracks and singing nearly all the time. The Whole Sheband is next and has a really great guitar riff and changes the vibe in this more uptempo rocker. Rituals slows things a bit and has this dark mysterious vibe but it also has faster parts. In this Moment rocks a bit harder but also has a very soft vocal section. Short song. River Run features an organ by Frank Boeijen to give this slower track a different vibe. I really like her singing style a lot. Sometimes passionate, beautiful but also gusty and powerful. Promised the Night starts with the drums but then has a sort of country western vibe. Rotor Motor brings back the more heavy stoner rock. All Around has a foot stomping rhythm and then the guitar gets a bit psychedelic. Another real short one. Voodoo you Do ends this record with a slower more heavy track again where the vocals and music remind me of Acid King. I quite enjoyed this album. A lot of different styles of songs and a lot of catchy grooves and great vocals. Check them out for sure. 

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