Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blackwolfgoat/Larman Clamor Split 7” (H42 records 020)

I have never heard of either of these bands. The bio says that Blackwolfgoat started off as an ambient Drone project of Daryl Shepard (Black Pyramid). He has released three records and even performed this stuff live. His track is called Straphanger. This is pretty far out stuff with multiple layers of fuzzed out guitar and the vocals pushed quite far to the back with some strange effect on it so that you can nearly not tell what is being said at all. Far out fuzzed out dirty music…..   

Alex von Wieding is Larman Clamor. His music was recorded in Hamburg and the 1st track is called Drone Monger and it is a strange swamp blues track with acoustic guitar and jews harp and a down and dirty vocal. Fo’ what you Did has the same vibe but is a bit more happy and has some electric guitar as well as the acoustic. I enjoyed both tracks, a sort of Germany swamp blues. This 7” is limited to 210 copies on three different colours of vinyl (70 copies for each colour). Cool artwork with lyrics and band info on the inside sleeve. 

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