Monday, May 28, 2012


The Italian three piece are back with their 2nd short album (33mins) again on Nasoni records but not nearly as nice artwork as the previous record. Viscera starts things off and is a pretty straightforward high intensity stoner rock track. A golden Rod for this Virgin besides the lyrical content reminds me of Sgt. Sunshine but with a lot less guitar (mainly riffing and few solos). I really like his vocal delivery. Weasel in Poultry Pen is a 3½min track that has that same sort of Kyuss, Colour Haze, Sgt. Sunshine sound as well. The drum sound is really excellent on this record but not too loud, letting the riffing speak in this melodic instrumental track (no guitar solo). Nice mix of slow and fast parts. Ghost Station changes the dynamic of the record a lot with this slow steady pace with a passionate vocal. It is not until the last 1:15 that the laid back dynamic changes. Cool Song. 1991 is 6½ mins and starts off with a reverb guitar but then a really catchy riff and vocal line kicks in and the band goes into a different riff rock territory. This is the band going for a more mainstream sound in some ways but a great song is a great song. Glicine, the last track starts pretty spacey with some cool guitar as it slowly builds up and the main Colour Haze style riff kicks in but this does not last long before they go into a different interesting section and then back out into more riffs and a bit more melodic in nature. There are a lot of different changes in this mostly instrumental track that is 8 mins in length, including the acoustic vocal section towards the end. There is basically no lead guitar on this record, which I really miss a lot and if they did not write such cool songs, they would not get away without a slagging from me.

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