Thursday, May 17, 2012


This is a damn cool 12” and a limited press of 1500 copies. All three bands material was recorded in Costa Mesa, California. Earthless live at a club and the other two bands in a studio. Side A starts with the album side long, Earthless track called Living in the Cosmic Nod. It is pretty much a high energy guitar solo work out track like all the other long Earthless tracks. Isaiah is a very intense guitar player for sure. You get what you expect. Premonition 13 on the other hand is a very cool jammed track, quite different from the record but really great. The main riff is quite dark and heavy and I like slow stoney groove. Cool song. Radio Moscow has two tracks. The first track, Open your Eyes, was recorded with the full band live in Costa Mesa, California and is a really intense rocker starting with some ripping guitar work before the standard RM funky groove kicks in. Smokin! The 2nd track is rawer, very psychedelic and everything was recorded by band leader and sole original member now, Zack Anderson. Great record.

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