Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here is yet another split LP with Farflung, the third to be released in a matter of months. Rather than the really long songs on the other two split LPs they released with White Hills and Black land, this features 3 shorter tracks. Black rainbows, this is a follow up to their really good last album, also with three tracks. Farflung start the record off with Lupine and features Jensen Bell on psyched out lead guitar and Edmund P Monsef providing some samples in this uptempo track forceful and catchy track. Punching Hole in the Twilight is a even higher energy track that reminds me of Pressurhed. No Circuit is a more dynamic track with more complex stuff going on and really spacey. This is my favourite track on this side.  Black Rainbows starts off with Let it Shine, an uptempo stoner rock track with a good groove and some spacey sounds mixed in here and several good guitar solo breaks. The next track has a very long title but is a really cool spacey stoner rock track a bit like Sgt Sunshine. The Devil and the Dream is a fast rocker but really catchy but not as many spacey parts. A cool record side. I recommend you check out their last full length record if you dig this one.

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