Thursday, May 17, 2012

Darxtar- Aged to Perfection (Transubstans Records 095)

Sweden’s longest running space rock band is back with their new release and back on Transubstans again. I have to say, I was surprised with how much their last album grew on me over time. This new one takes the songwriting skills that the band developed for We came too Late and they move to a new level. The lyrics are really excellent on this album, with a theme about the nature and state of the planet In addition, the band has mixed in many more space sounds. Just a fantastic album.  It starts off with the amazing title track, which is quite short only 3½ mins with acoustic guitar, but a really nice spacey vibe and excellent lyrics and vocals. In Green heat features Søren on vocals again and flows seamlessly after the opening track and features some really nice spacey synth, slide guitar, organ, and violin playing more of a role in this track with the last min slowing down and spacing out. Mörkret is a 2min experimental space out that is quite psychedelic that leads into my favourite track on the record, Tired Nature. This is a more uptempo space rock track and reminds me of their Daybreak era material. They really have a great jam like section as well with some crazy saxophone! Some Things is a nice floating take down after the intense Tired Nature, with a slow pace, spacey synths, nice violin countering the melodic guitar. Beautiful stuff. In a Time, features Marcus on vocals, with a special effect and great bass lines on this 6 min melodic track. Moving Along has a familiar guitar line and is more uptempo with a bit harder edge but also very melodic with a good mix of all the elements that make this band great. The CD ends with the 11 min Fista på gräsmatten. It starts with some piano, interesting sounds as it slowly builds. “I see the end of my life”……… then an massive track grows and grows with lots of spacey synths, violin, piano, guitar, a heavy bass line, etc.. An amazing CD. I can’t wait to get the vinyl version.

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