Thursday, May 17, 2012

BLUES PILLS-BLISS 10” LP (Crusher Records CR017)

Blues Pills is a USA/Sweden/French collaboration. The bass player and drummer from radio Moscow (amazing band if you like psychedelic blues rock) join together with Swedes Elin Larsson (vocals) and former Dead man drummer Jonas Askerlund. They are joined by French guitarist Dorian Sorriaux. How they all came together is a mystery and how they will stay together to make music is even more of one but enjoy this short 4 song 10” record that was recorded in the USA earlier this year. Side A starts off with the title track, Bliss, a blues funk track that you might think was Radio Moscow with a female singer. Elin has a powerful voice which really suits this band well. Nice psychy guitar by Dorian but he is often out powered by the very loud vocal mix. Astraplane takes things down in this slow bluesy track but with a heavy bass line and ripping guitar. Flip the 10” over and you get the hard rocking, Devil Man with some really powerful vocal and mixed more into the music this time. It slows up at the end with a bit of slide guitar. Little Sun mellows things out but is another great song. Wow.. I really loved this record and was left really wanting more. Excellent release. Catch the band when they tour Europe in July!


  1. Loving the reviews man, find my review of this EP here . Keep rolling.

  2. We think both of you guys have great taste, and should check out Blues Pills' new 7" coming out from Maximum Ames Records! -