Saturday, January 14, 2012

TimeMazine #6

Wow.. I had only heard the name of this magazine and since I collect Vibravoid and this special issue comes with split 7” with Vibravoid (Cover of White Ship by HP Lovecraft!) and the band Drug Free Youth doing Teenage Lima Bean by the Laughing Soap dish, I picked it up. What a find! This is a brilliant glossy all black and white magazine except the cover and back pages. Great interviews with Barry Melton, Fantasyy Factoryy (been wondering what Alan was up to since they have not released an album for some years now), Sal Valentino (Stoneground,The Beau Brummels), Billy Bill Miller (Cold Sun), Gary Marker (Capt Beefheart), Marty Roth (Bent Wind), Iron Butterfly article plus lots of cool reviews. It is 85 pages in total.. Check it out!  Oh yeah.. also comes with a 14 track CD with some unreleased stuff by different bands…

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