Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bardo Pond/Carlton Melton- Split (Agitated Records AGIT009)

It has been some years since I have heard any new Bardo Pond material. They start out the A side of the record with a long track called Fallen recorded in May 2011. This is pretty spaced out stuff. Reminds me of an early Hawkwind jam with flute but not audio generators. A very raw, heavy and spacey sound as the two guitars, bass and drums just slowly float into the psychedelic space as you totally disappear into the depths of your mind… and then she starts to speak and this is your reawakening before it gers really noisy and ends.. Cool stuff for heavy space heads! Carlton Melton is also just one long track called Fallen and it starts off really with some looped drone guitar and spacey wind as you start to float away. Suddenly, the guitar breaks out of the drone and the track is more distorted with the bass forcing itself to the front while the guitar is more in the background maintaining the melodic spacey vibe. It slowly gets more and more heavy, distorted, repetitive and totally spaced out sound. Far out stuff. I think their sound is a bit too distorted for my liking. I prefer the other side.

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