Saturday, January 14, 2012

Carlton Melton/Mugstar split 7” (Trensmat 25)

The record is just a white label on both sides so you don’t which band is on which side or what speed to play it on. A bit annoying.. Anyway, Carlton Melton is more spaced out so you will recognize this side of the record when you play it. The track is called Company and it is repetitive with a charactistic low-fi distorted sound and a very spaced out guitar as the track slowly takes off with some cool spacey stuff. The artwork says 45rpm on the Mugstar side. Their track is called Black Fountain. It starts off driven by the intense drumming as the guitar slowly builds up over the repetitive riff as they build up some tension and you really wait for what happens next. A solo guitar starts to play but is mixed to the back and then it really picks up with a heavy guitar riff as they repeat the drum, bass and guitar riff over and over and it ends. There are extra tracks by both bands that you get as downloads with your purchase of the 7” record. Death Whisper is one by Carlton Melton.

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