Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dzjenghis Khan- Prehistoric Rock (Who can you Trust 02)

The amazing but lazy San Francisco Stoners, DK, are back with this live cassette from the Elbo Club in San Francisco from 2006. I saw Hieronymous Firebrain play there in the 90s! Anyway, it lasts about 25 mins and contains tracks from both that bands LPs as well as some unreleased songs and a cover of the Green Manalishi (Fleetwood Mac). The sound quality is very good and raw with a good balance of the instruments on this soundboard tape. The band just plays with some much attitude and raw rock and roll energy. You must crank it up to really appreciate it. The very last track, Stay in Texas is a really amazing jam and totally blew me away and was worth the cost of the cassette alone. I loved the bands last record, in fact, it was my favourite record in 2010! Come on guys, lets make another mind blower! No idea what they are up to, they have not even logged into myspace, their only web site on the web in since June last year! This is a cassette only release in 150 copies.. Hurry…

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