Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Spacious Mind- The Drifter (Trail Records 020)

The Spacious Mind (TSM) were the premiere psychedelic band from Sweden up until 2005, when some of the band had moved away from their small town up north and started to move in different musical and personal directions. This limited edition CD is a compilation of rare tracks by the band. Tracks 1&3 are from the Reality D Blipcrotch 10”, the first release on the bands own God damn I'm a Country Man label. These are both trippy songs.  Track 2, Euphoria Euphoria is taken from the rare Garden of a well Fed Head LP, that was released in only 300 copies on a small Texas label, Lone Starfighter Records. Great track.  Floatin’ down the River Whistlin’ on a Tune, was on the Copenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002 CD, which I released on Burnt Hippie recordings with my label partners. Sadly, this festival never took place.   The last two tracks are from a live CD-R and a good feeling for how the band was live at this time. (2003). These are rarest of the tracks as the CD-R these appeared on was only made in about 50 copies.  The CD has a very nice remastered sound and flow to the tracks. Great liner notes. The label shortened tracks 3,4&6 from the original versions and the band was not very happy about this (some poor communication lead to this) but a 2nd edition will be released with the unedited tracks, so keep an eye out for that next year.

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