Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Bad Light/ Tuna de Tierra- The Bad Tuna (Phonosphera Records ph12)

The Italian label, Phonosphera has started a series of split LPs featuring Italian but also foreign bands.  I have never heard of either of these bands. The Bad Light is a trio (no bass player) from Santa Cruz, CA. Seems they have been around since at least 2012.  Palo Santo is a short 1min intro track before the groovy track called Goodshit! Nice slow stoner groove with some interesting singing (Guitarist is the lead singer).  The Feels starts with just guitar and then the drums and bass kick in on this slow-paced track with a bluesy feel and you hear the female vocal of Celeste a bit more clearly. Love the gravely lead vocal. I really miss a guitar solo on this track. Love Letter ends the side with another bluesy track with some powerful and emotional vocals. I miss the bass with this band, as the guitar player often is playing like a bass and there are no guitar solos at all.

Tuna de Tierra is a trio from Naples and this is their 3rd release. Red Sun starts things off slow and spacey.  It slowly builds up into a riff rock track (no lead guitar) and goes through several instrumental sections after the vocals.  Bad Sun wends with a slightly different guitar effect (cool sound) as the vocal comes in (I feel like screaming!) and it is over. Ash is a mid-paced dark and heavier track.

After the vocal (very dry), a guitar solo with a bit of delay and other effects is played as the sound opens up a bit before the downtuned riff kicks back in. The track speeds up towards the end.  El Paso de la Tortuga closes this album with a 4 min track. It starts off with the drums before the bass and drums kick in. I really like the old western feel to the guitar on this totally different track and a great one to end the record.  Two very different bands on this split LP. Check it out.


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