Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Datura4- Hairy Mountain (Alive Naturalsound)

The Australian band, Datura 4, who released one of my fave records last year is back with another killer record. Wow.. I just love the mix of heavy riffs, good melodic stoney vocals and nice guitar breaks. A very classic 70s rock sound. Fools Gold Rush starts the record off (see video below). Trolls has a heavy bass line and I love the reverberating guitars. Uphill Climb features another catchy hard rock riff and groove. The end of the track slows things down with a nice blues solo. Mary Carroll Park picks up the pace and the lyrics talk about a Park, perhaps a place they used to or do hang out but they don’t want to go back to?? Anyway, a slide driven R&R number a bit like Blackfoot! Hairy Mountain is a slower heavy track with some nice melodies but then they really rock it out at the end with a great wah solo. Great stuff.  Greedy World is a foot stomping feel good track about the rich of the world. Confide in Me is a feel good rock and roll number. Too Much (or not Enough) is simple feel good song but the chorus is repeated too many times (more than 40 I guess) for me. Something to Hide once again features some slide guitar. The end of the track reminds me a lot of Blues Jean Blues by ZZTOP. Broken Path ends the CD with a fantastic acoustic guitar driven song. Datura4 have made another great record…  I really hope I can see them live one day. I wonder if the jam at all live???

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