Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Buddha Sentenza- Semaphora (World in Sound WIS3031)

BS are a 5 piece band from Heidelberg, Germany. My band, ØSC, played a show with them last year and they played a lot of new songs. Thanks to Christian for sending me their latest release. The CD is about an 50mins long and features 7 songs. The band is getting more and more adventurous with each release. Jet starts things off with a long guitar solo intro and a bit of a stoner riff. Great drive and cool organ and space sounds mixed in but the wah guitar really leads this track. Very cool and nicely drifting section at the end of this long opener including some electric violin.  Greek Ancestry starts with some violin played in a plucked style as the track slowly builds up with the drums and then the lead guitar. A lot of very beautiful melodies on this track as it goes from light to dark and back and forth. Nice keyboard, guitar and violin solos. Kréèn starts with some spoken word sample and a simple guitar line. This repeated guitar is the basis for the start as the bass and drums come in. It has a sort of Christmas feel to it.. Ha. Long 10mins song. Laika has another like commercial in German before the drums lead the way with a very funky track with some intense playing from everyone. This one really kicks it up a notch but they still retain these epic and melodic parts as well.  Cool song.  Blood Rust has a more dark feeling and a slow build and quite heavy but then it totally spaces out and drifts for a bit before the band come back for organ driven attack til the end. The End is coming (not actually the last song on the CD though) starts with a spoken word sample and underneath a very spacey track is evolving before the band decides to create a heavier more dark mood. We’ll take if from Here ends this very diverse and excellent release.


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