Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yesterdays Breed- Yesterday’s Breed (Afd. O Records AFD-201504)

Yesterdays Breed is a new 60’s inspired duo of Claus Rosenblad and Sigurd Djurhuus, who between then play all the instruments, with Claus handling all the lead vocals and drums and Sigurd all the guitars and bass. Both guys play keyboards. The album features 12 songs ranging from 1 ½ mins to 4 ½ mins in length. Clouds of No Time starts things off and takes you back to 1966! These guys are so amazing and taking you back to the 60s with lyrics, the style of the tracks, the sound of the drums. Hints of Love, the Monkeys, 13th floor elevators, the Doors, etc… flood through the veins and instruments of these guys.  Love me leave me is a really short track at 1:27 mins in length.. Over before you know it and into Shades of Night, which features a sort of guitar freak out at the end. Thoughts of You is a really fantastic song. Love the organ, vocal and vibe on this track.. Morning speeds things up and has a nice fuzz guitar. The Morning After changes the vibe a bit and has this very nice bouncing bass line.  I Found out is a short organ drive piece to end side A.  Side B starts off with the fuzz guitar track, Watch out Tomorrow! What will you do has a sort of darker vibe and a really nice guitar on this track. Stand up Tall reminded me of Jefferson Airplane. Stop and Realize reminds me of LOVE.. That is it….  Side one is the more rocking side while side B is the more moody side of the 60s..  Ok.. these guys are not doing anything new but they have written a collection of great songs that make you happy when you crank them up. Made me smile. Check them out!

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