Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Skovsyren- III (Self Released- Denmark 2015)

Skovsyren is a project by Frans Bølling on keyboards and computer, while Claus Ingemann plays the guitars, sings and composes the tracks.  Like the title suggests, this is the bands 3rd effort. I have not heard any of their material before.  They released one real CD back in 2011, which I have never seen or heard. Frans, played one gig with the Øresund Space Collective back in 2011 but I had not seen him in 4 years until he gave me this CD. The CD features 5 tracks in 70 mins and comes in a homemade cardboard slip sleeve. New Otherworld starts things off with some voices and creepy sounds as the track slowly builds up with some fantastic keyboards.  The eastern feel of this one with the sampled table drums and cool slow spacey electric guitar is great.. What an cool track. Rundt & Rundt starts again with some sampled sounds before the keyboard and guitar kicks in.  This track features some piano, different layers of synth and more vocals and a nice bass line (synth, sample?). Lots of great synth playing on this track and nice guitar solos as well over the 16mins. Slow Drone is as the title suggests, a slow drone, which takes its time to grow but around 2mins some had drums come into the sound as well as some guitar. Claus starts to sing around 4mins and the track has a slight reggae feel to it.  This track is about 12mins long. The CD artwork lists 5 tracks but there are only 4 on the CD, so I don’t know fi this last one is Swamp or Tusinde Drømme but it starts off with a beautiful piano piece and stays pretty laid back over its 20+ mins. Check the band out.. I really enjoyed this CD a lot..

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