Friday, February 6, 2015

Seedy Jeezus- Seedy Jeezus (Lay Bare Recordings 006/Blown Music 010)

Seedy Jeezus is a high energu psychedelic rock band from Australia. This is another record that Tony Reed (Mos Generator) has guested on and engineered. Side A features 5 tracks while they space out more on side 2 with only 2 longer songs. The record starts off with Shakin’ the Fuse, a totally untempo rock and roller with really in your face, semi-pressed-screamed vocals. Wormhole slow things down and features the first of many great guitar solos but this is by Tony and not Lex (who also sings the vocals) as he really rips it up.  Universal Overdrive brings back the high energy rock and roll. Chasing the Dragon’s tail features some wild riffing but a more slow and stoned solo and space out section compared to the rest of the frantic track. Pick UP ends side A with another intense in your face track.

          Flip the record over and start off with How ya Doin’.. So far so good. I love this track the way it has a slow build and a more relaxed and less pressed, stressed vocal and then the amazing interaction between the guys when they space out and jam. Tony plays some Moog Taurus stuff on this track. Later on there is a drum solo and the band really takes off one more time. Awesome track, which you can hear below. Sun in my Car is a really fast song with some wild intense guitar riffing as the band tries to follow. There is a small down section but mostly just ripping guitar and intense playing. This is a very cool release and amazing artwork by Mr. Frumpy.  If you like bands like Lecharous Gaze, Radio Moscow, Nebula, MC5, etc.. you will dig this…

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