Friday, February 6, 2015

The Pretty Things- BOUQUETS FROM A CLOUDY SKY (Madfish 2015)

This is a very cool single CD sampler to promote the 13 CD, 2 DVD, 10”, book, box set of the complete Pretty Things due out at the end of Feb. It is only made in 2000 copies and cost £125 plus £20 for shipping in the UK from Burning Shed. I can write more once I get mine. Anyway, tons of rare material on this box and some very cool tracks on the promo cd to wet your appetite. This compilation features many bonus and rare tracks including the first band single from 1964, Don’t bring me Down. A few from their most famous record, SF Sorrow are also featured. The version of Helter Skelter by the Beatles is really unique and I really liked it a lot.

          The material for the Midnight to Six DVD is really well put together. The 2hr documentary has a lot of great black and white photage and they often show the entire track, not cut it up, which is great. The SF Sorrow live from Abbey Road, where it was actually recorded, is pretty recent and the first time they ever played all the songs in order from the record and including the narration by Arthur Brown and a guest spot by David Gilmour! Wow..The promotional video (13mins) from 1966 is really far out (see below)..

          The book is filled with loads of cool pictures, concert ads, newspaper articles about riots, arrests, etc.. and a lot to read as well. It is about 100 pages long. Great work from the people at Madfish.. Can’t wait to get mine around the first of March…

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